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DODDLE FOR DOGS - dog leash

A practical everyday companion! The integrated dog lead from doddle for dogs. Directly on the collar or dog harness, directly on the dog, always ready to hand! The Doddle for Dogs is not designed for permanent use, but serves exclusively to secure the dog for a short time.

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DOG LOUNGER - cushion configurator

Cushion configurator: A dog cushion where you can choose not only the size and colour but also the filling! Available in different sizes and colours.


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SHAMPIDOO - dog shampoo

Volcanic minerals revitalise your dog's coat - with nanotechnology, modern & advanced, economical, 100% vegan. Available in 3 sizes - also for groomers!


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AMBER - necklaces & co.

Amber, the oldest European healing stone, is a natural product. It not only adorns jewellery, but is also becoming increasingly popular in cosmetics, homeopathy, wellness and animal products.


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HUNGER4WORDS - pet buzzers

Hunger4Words pet buzzers improve communication with your pet! The customisable paw buttons let your dog "speak". Simple words like come with me, go out or food will help your dog communicate his needs at the right time.


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LOCKness - smart anti-theft device

A very special dog harness and lead combination. Dog theft is no longer possible without tools or conspicuous and massive manipulation of the dog.


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