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Green Tea dog shampoo

Volcanic minerals revitalise your dog's coat - with nanotechnology, modern & advanced, high yield, 100% vegan and without animal testing.

Shampidoo - Green Tea is one of the most advanced shampoos for dogs. Thanks to its volcanic minerals, Shampidoo achieves a cleansing effect without fragrances and promotes skin regeneration in hotspots.

In addition, the latest nanotechnology is used.

This process makes the molecules of Shampidoo so small that they can easily reach the hard-to-reach areas. There they bind the deposited dirt. The long-lasting effect of this care product is regularly confirmed by Shampidoo customers.

With a mixing ratio of 1 to 10 with water, Shampidoo is also very economical.

50 ml optimal travelling size

With a mixing ratio of 1 to 10 with water, Shampidoo is very economical. 

Simply mix in a container with water.

250 ml mit Kippöffner

The volcanic minerals revitalise your dog's coat.
Nano particles for unbeatably efficient care.
Our shampoo promotes skin regeneration, is easy to rinse out to save time and water and is optimised for the pH value of dogs.

Kanister - optimal für Hundefriseure

Large containers for use by groomers and in dog parlours. With a capacity of just under 4 litres, our shampoo is not only modern & progressive, economical, 100% vegan but also affordable. Even a dosing pump is available.