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pet buzzers and accessories

The pet buzzers from Hunger4Words improve communication with your pet!

The customisable paw buttons let your dog "speak". Simple words such as come with me, go out or food will help your dog communicate its needs at the right time. Try it out for yourself!

Practical extension sets, buzzer mats or the doorbell for simple first puppy training round off the range.

Talking Pet Starter-Set


Teach your pet to talk like Stella the dog with these receptive buttons for dogs.

Developed by speech therapist Christina Hunger, the creator of the talking dog movement.
Record simple words like "outside", "play" or "bed" with 4 pet buzzers.
Discover insights and tips from Christina Hunger's step-by-step guide.

How Stella learnt to talk

The spectacular story of Stella and Christina incl. training instructions for your dog.

When Christina Hunger gets herself a puppy, it doesn't take long for the trained speech therapist to ask herself the question: If dogs can understand their humans, aren't they also capable of saying words to us? Christina puts her theory to the test and programmes a button with her voice, which Stella presses with her paws.

Talking Pet Button Matte


From now on, your buzzers are tidy and all in one place.

The rubber base and textile surface prevent scratching or chewing by your dog. The finger holes make it easy to fit and remove the buzzers, and the sound remains just as good, loud and clear.