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Amber necklaces & co.

Amber, the oldest European healing stone, is a natural product. It not only adorns jewellery, but is also becoming increasingly popular in cosmetics, homeopathy, wellness and animal products.

Developed by vets, the amber necklace has been on the market for 20 years and is becoming increasingly popular. Due to its natural, inner components, it can have a gentle effect on humans and animals.

Amber necklaces


Amber collar necklace adjustable in size, handmade, made of 100% natural amber, jewellery chain.

Available in 3 sizes and 2 variants.  From XXS-XS to L-XL, of course always adjustable. The L-XL light version is for approx. 50 - 65 cm neck circumference, only more delicate and lighter (for petite large dogs).

Amber powder


Amber body powder - wellness for dogs and cats! In a practical shaker, easy to use. Available in 2 sizes.

Massage with amber balances the energetic tension of the skin, stimulates the metabolism, stimulates biologically active energy points, removes physical and emotional tension, supports the elimination of toxic substances.


massage cushion with Amber



linen cushion filled with amber granules - wellness for dog & cat! Massage and play in one!

The palm-sized linen cushion, filled with amber granules, relaxes the skin and muscles, promotes blood circulation and thus the general well-being and regeneration of the entire body. It also works like a hot water bottle when placed on its own, as amber absorbs body heat, stores it and radiates it back. Does not need to be warmed up before use!