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Do you have specific ideas about a product, but don't have a suitable source of supply? Then get in touch with us. We will provide you with a customised offer based on your ideas and requirements.


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You benefit from
- our innovations at brand and product level
- the ongoing expansion of our range of exclusive products
- cross-sector synergy effects in terms of quantity and price
- our high quality standards through constant monitoring by the manufacturer
- our lean corporate structure and needs-based personnel management
- our cross-industry, in-depth expertise

We take over for you
- Global sourcing of manufacturers and products
- monitoring the supply chain up to delivery to your warehouse
- Risk management in purchasing & logistics
- Quality management in the country of manufacture
- Financing up to the agreed payment date
- your purchasing of e.g. promotional goods, so that you can concentrate on your core business!

By constantly monitoring our suppliers and production facilities, we have been able to achieve a quality standard that is unrivalled and, despite the high-end quality, can be supplied at favourable prices.

The company founders Eckhard Lindemeier, Nadine Joos and Peter Externest can look back on many years of cross-industry experience and a promising future. The company INT-International Nonfood Trading GmbH was founded in March 2012.
While the idea of primarily developing the pet supplies business was first considered, the idea of including other related sectors in the concept quickly emerged. This gave rise to the sub-brands: INT4FILA, INT4BELUA, INT4GRATIA, INT4VEHO, INT4DOMUS, which cover the five areas of children, pets, fashion accessories, sport & exercise and household goods & home decoration.



INT4FILIA made a highly successful start on the German market with the exclusive BOXSET range, a children's travel toy made from high-quality birch wood.

At the same time, we also demonstrated our strong expertise in the pet import business. Many customer containers have already been imported.
Under INT4BELUA, we have placed some good and favourable pet products on the market.

We are also constantly working on new concepts in the INT4DOMUS area - in close co-operation with well-known German manufacturers.

The sports segment is covered by our INT4VEHO brand.

INT4GRATIA offers us and you the opportunity to cover the fashion accessories sector.